Terrorism, CAR Crisis: France, US Reaffirm Sustained Support

Posted on novembre 05, 2014, 6:00
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The Minister of External Relations received diplomats from the two countries on Monday.

The French and US Ambassadors to , their Excellencies Christine Robichon and Michael Stephen Hoza have reaffirmed their countries’ commitment to support face challenges of the Nigerian extremism and the nefarious effects of the crisis in the Central African Republic, CAR. The Minister of External Relations, Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo on Monday, November 3, 2014, sized up issues of regional interests with the two envoys.

Christine Robichon said the advancement of Boko Haram on Nigerian soil was of great concern, given the toll on neighbouring Cameroon. Thousands of Nigerian refugees have sought shelter in Cameroon and attacks on Cameroon were not to be undermined. Joint efforts from friendly countries were therefore indispensable.

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French support will therefore remain consistent, Robichon insisted, though without giving details. and Cameroon share the view of political dialogue, reconciliation, an end to violence, disarmament and fair elections in CAR. The French Envoy restated her country’s willingness through ‘Operation Sangaris’ and Cameroon’s through the UN peacekeeping mission to help restore peace in neighbouring CAR.

The US Diplomat reiterated his country’s pledge to support Cameroon in the wake of violence from neighbouring countries. Michael S. Hoza revealed that the US was also concerned with kicking poliomyelitis out of Cameroon. Focus was also on staying alert to the virus ravaging West African countries. Economic issues, especially American investments, also came under sharp focus.

Hoza, like Robichon, stressed that there was no emergency, after being received in the Ministry of External Relations severally in the last weeks. They were all concerned about updates in the sub-region, which to them are of interest to Cameroon. Both envoys noted that their countries were in close relationship with Cameroon and coming to the ministry often was just a manner of showing how cooperative they were.

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