The Leasing and Concession Follow-up Committee for Potable Water Supply in Urban and Suburban areas met in Yaounde on March 30,2016.

The crisis rocking the water sector in Cameroon is yet to end, with members of the committee monitoring leasing contracts and concessions for potable water supply in urban and suburban areas in Cameroon agreeing that it was time to step up investments and vigilance in the sector.  The committee met in Yaounde yesterday, March 30, 2016, in its 27th session, to endorse the 2016 plan of activities that will increase the supply of potable water in the country.

The Minister of Water and Energy, Basile Atangana Kouna, who is Chair of the Leasing and Concession Follow-up Committee for Potable Water Supply in Urban and Suburban Areas, alongside comittee members unrolled and endorsed the 2016 plan of activities. The Minister said the plan was already “approved by government to restore the economic and financial balance of letting potable water supply in concerned areas.” He stated that activities were gradually being implemented by stakeholders with respect to public private partnership that regulates the sector. Atangana Kouna disclosed that assessing progress and impact of earmarked projects was primary.

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Meantime, the Director General of Camerounaise des Eaux, CDE, Brahim Ramdane, acknowledged potable water shortfalls in some major cities, but said short and medium-term measures were gradually bringing the crisis to an end. Demand has doubled, with supply dangling This notwithstanding, the putting in place of more water treatment plants will substantially remedy the situation. Efforts are underway to boost investment in the sector. Setbacks in the sector, he pointed out, have been the maintenance of infrastructure and operational equipment, and the replacement of equipment and projects. Others were the installation and replacement of old pipes, understanding the nitty gritties of losing water, etc.

Government, funding partners, Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation, CAMWATER and CDE officials, all members of the committee, discussed the financial model of the sector.  An independent auditor debriefed committee members on the path covered on negotiating contractual terms and financial commitments between stakeholders.

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