Have you got any reason to pay a visit to Nigeria this season through Flight Master less expensive flight and tour tickets? Or do you hope to visit Nigeria on a very short holiday and vacation? Nigeria is the biggest country in West Africa, it has also been known to be the Largest and richest Country in the whole of Africa and beyond. The country is located some few thousands of kilometers away from the Central African country of Cameroun and northern country of Niger Republic.

Paying a visit to Nigeria this season will be one of the most amusing and entertaining adventures you’ll partake in this whole season and year. Visiting in seasonal periods like December, January and August is always going to be very fruitful, amusing and above all « Motivating ». This is because of the wonderful places and people that you’ll be lucky and happy to meet and visit while at vacation to the highly-populated country in Africa.

Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and it is one of the Richest Cities in Africa since it houses over ten thousand world acclaimed billionaires and Dollar millionaires. And these include Footballers, Musicians, Actors and Actresses, Politicians, Business Men and Women and several other top celebrities and Superstars.

Flight Master offers cheap flights tickets and travel permit to Lagos and different parts of Nigeria for tourism and holiday vacation these end of the year season. And these is your golden opportunity to see the most beautiful places and monuments in Nigeria; which includes the First Story Building In Nigeria, The Slave port « which is the point where slaves where packaged and exported to foreign countries in the last 3 to 4 centuries », The Nigerian opulence Museum, Holly wood Cinemas and the Silverbird Cinema « which is also regarded as one of the Largest Cinema in the whole of West Africa ».

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Some of the Most Adventurous Places to Visit once you’re In Nigeria via Flight Master easy and affordable holiday Vacations include:

First Story Building in Nigeria: Lagos is the famous former capital City of the country of Nigeria and as of the present, it is still regarded as the strongest city in the whole of the Country asides the main capital city of Abuja. That was made the capital some 24 years ago by the countries 5th Military head of state and commander in chief. Lagos houses the first story building in the whole of the country, and it was built by the earliest Colonial masters to the county which were all from the Great Britain. A very lascivious and thrill-seeking Flights to Nigeria could avail you the opportunity to see this awesome memorial structures to keep your mind and spirit fresh.

The Slave port « Point of No Return »: The slave Port, otherwise known as the Point of No Return is another awesome place you’ll love to visit or see. It is one of the most awesome and amazing places in Nigeria. It is connected to a very big river or otherwise regarded as a very long sea which goes as far as connecting with some other famous rivers in Lome; which is a top city in the country of Togo. The earlier British and American slave masters bought and traded slaves from this point. The transportation of slaves was also made through the sea.

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