The last preparatory meeting took place on Monday and foreign delegations are in Cameroon for the race.

After multiple postponements, the 14th edition of the Grand Prix international Chantal Biya will finally kick off tomorrow with a prologue at the 20th May avenue in Yaounde. The last preparatory meeting took place on Monday November 3, 2014 at the seat of the federation in Anguissa-Yaounde. According to the vice president of the federation who took over the reins of power after the death of Moustapha Dogo, they want to register a one hundred per cent success rate in the organization. “We are focusing particularly on the hitches raised during past editions of the race like late feeding or non lodging of certain members of the caravan,” said Yossi Honore.

The vice president also paid a visit to the cycling national team training in Mbalmayo during which he paid out the bonuses of the athletes to the tune of FCFA 25.000 each. According to the Secretary General of the federation, Bruno Eloumou, foreign delegations started arriving in the country yesterday for the event.

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The cycling team has also wrapped up their preparation for the competition and regained Yaounde yesterday after making a reconnaissance visit of some 143 kilometres on the race track. According to team captain Tekou Damien, they are ready and poised to win the race. The toughest challengers to their ambition will be coming from the Moroccans and the German club, Bike Aid with a certain Namibian who won the last edition of the Tour of Cameroon, Dan Craven. 18 cyclists will be defending the national colours in three clubs namely; SNH Velo club, Centre selection and the Inter Regional selection. The cyclists are counting on popular support of Cameroonians to spur them to victory.

The race this year has been placed under the sign of remorse following the untimely death of the federation president, Moustapha Dogo and the mother of Chantal Biya. Though they are mourning, the vice president said they will make every effort to make the event a success. He called on the public to turn out en masse to cheer the Cameroonian cyclists to victory. The four-lap-race will begin with a prologue at the 20th May Boulevard in Yaounde. The first lap will be run between Yaounde and Bafia, the second between Yaounde and Ebolowa. The third lap will be from Zoetele to Meyomessala passing through Sangmelima. The last lap will kick off from Sangmelima and end in Yaounde. The referee from the International Cycling union is Jan Van Gestel.

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