Stakeholders met in the Ministry of External Relations yesterday November 18, to dissect concerns. The Ministry of External Relations, MINREX, yesterday November 17, 2014 played host to the fourth EU – Cameroon Joint Working Group. Yesterday’s sitting was co-chaired by the Secretary General of MINREX, Felix Mbayu, sitting in for the Minister, Prof. Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo, and the Head of the European Union Delegation to Cameroon, Françoise Colett.

The EU delegation pledged continuous support

The working group examined ways of effectively handling the situation of legal migrants, how to combat illegal migration, human trafficking and the trafficking of migrants, including their prevention, control at borders, repatriation and fighting fraud in travel documents. The Cameroonian delegation presented the development and facilitation measures put in place by government to create jobs and employment opportunities as deterrence to young people leaving the country illegally. The EU delegation said over 204 Cameroonians have voluntarily been repatriated.

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Cameroon is the only country in the subregion that has never expelled foreigners no matter what happens to its fellow citizens in other countries. But despite being a victim of hospitality, Felix Mbayu stressed that government will continue to welcome and shelter those in distressed. The EU delegation pledged continuous support.

It was frank talk, as Felix Mbayu and some Ambassadors of the EU discussed visa issues. Felix Mbayu recalled that it was at the discretion of each country to determine who enters its territory, especially with regards to the rules and regulations of the issuance of visas. But he sounded the frustration of citizens who for human factors find their passports stamped with denial of visas which consequently play down on their careers.

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