Communication: CEPCA Seeks Greater Visibility

Posted on janvier 19, 2015, 5:29
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The Information and Communication Committee of the Council of Protestant Churches of met in over the weekend. In a bid to make the activities of its members better known to the public, the Information and Communication Committee of the Council of Protestant Churches of , CEPCA, met in Yaounde on Thursday, January 15 2014, under the chair of its President, Joe Chebonkeng Kalabubse.

According to Chebonkeng, who is also President of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, CBC, the aim was to proffer new ways and means of fostering communication among CEPCA member churches and with the general public by coming up with a communication blueprint. He said the decision was informed by the realisation that Protestant work in Cameroon is not sufficiently understood. CEPCA was among the first to have a recording studio in the country (located at its headquarters in Yaounde), but its equipment is almost obsolete today, he pointed out.

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“CEPCA must adapt to the changing times by making use of its limited air time on CRTV radio and TV channels. It intends to revamp CEPCA Radio with some foreign assistance by replacing the broken down transmitter and making its operations to conform to the planned digital switchover in the country,” explained Joe Chebonkeng Kalabubse. He added that there were also plans to introduce a CEPCA Newsletter to highlight the activities of member churches. Meanwhile, in about five to 10 years from today, a CEPCA TV channel should go operational, he announced.

Kimeng Hilton NDUKONG

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