Cameroon is an interesting name but it has an even more interesting origin. The place got its name from the phrase « Rio dos Cameroes » which means « river of prawns ». This phrase was used by some early Portuguese explorers that were sailing along the coast of West Africa in the 17th century. They saw the flood of prawns around the Wouri River and that is how Cameroon got its first name. Soon afterwards, it shifted to « Kamerun » during the German colonization or « Western Cameroons » under British Mandate. Finally, the Republic of Cameroon or La RepubliqueFederale du Cameroun (in French) stayed.
The beautiful country has ten provinces. It enjoys the Saharan type of climate up in the north while the southern parts display more warm and humid climate. It is home to a number of scenic sights and stunning beaches. Since the country is very peaceful, it has become a famous tourist spot as many visitors find earlybird flights to Cameroon very often. Tourist attractions like adventurous zoos, striking natural parks, splendid geography, warm beaches, islands and rivers offer all kinds of fascinating experiences to the visitors.
The tourists who want to see the natural resources must visit Dja Faunal Reserve. This park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a protected rainforest. For all the tourists who come on international flights to Cameroon, have universally agreed that the extensive variety of the primates and fauna found on this reserve was worth their visit. It is home to more than 100 mammal species and a few threatened species.
Another famous spot to visit is The La Chefferie De Bafut. It is located near Bamenda and consists of 50 building. However, these buildings are very unique because of their terracotta structures with tiled roofs. Often times a religious association is given to these structures which are known as « Achum ». Here at these sites, the visitors can get to know about the local community and beliefs.
For the art lovers, Cameroon has a number of astonishing sites. The Rupestral Engravings of Bidzar is one of them. It shows a marble field with a 120 sq km of Cipolin outcrop. The flagstone consists of stunning marble engravings of diagrammatic representations for the visitors to see who fly from eastern flights to Cameroon. This art is a part of the famous Cameroon tradition. These engravings are said to be more than 500 years old.

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Lastly the Falls of Lobe is a waterfall located 300 km from Younde in Cameroon. The most pleasurable locationand tourists who board Cameroon flights, always look forward to seeing the whole set of small falls progressing into greater ones that are as broad as 120 meters. These falls find their way to Atlantic Ocean and are a majestic spot to experience.