Cameroon first smartphones available exclusively on Jumia

Posted on novembre 04, 2014, 8:30
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The #1 online retailer in holds its brands. Specializing in the marketing of products from Fashion, High-Tech, electronics and other, Jumia portal demonstrates a unique feature. Selective taste accentuated on the quality of its articles, Jumia just landed a new jewel : Makazo

Jumia Cameroun

Designed by Africans living abroad, the Smartphone’s new brand is expected to be provided on the African market in 2015. But Makazo, newly considered as the new designer of smartphones and tablets, is already present in Cameroon and specifically on Jumia Cameroon Platform.

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Once again, the first online retailer website has confirmed his position of leader. Rigorous coach brand items, the venture of Africa Group refuses any infringement on the shelves of its vast store. After Zara, Samsung, the branded store comes with Makazo for all users and fans of smartphones.

Indeed, the new brand shares the same properties as the most mobile products in the United States, to accommodate Africans to the evolution of the High-Tech universe. In addition, the new company has thus promoted economic and social development in emerging countries

André Michel NYEM

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