The remains of the 3rd Grade Police Inspector were discovered lying in a pool of his own blood with his pistol in his hand at his residence on October 20, 2014.

Shock and consternation gripped the judicial family in Buea and inhabitants of Great Soppo Monday 20 October following the discovery of the mortal remains of Senior Police Inspector, Ngwane Eric, in his residence around 11 am. The Police Inspector who is suspected to have taken his own life was before his death attached to the Fako High Court in Buea. According to sources close to him, his remains were found lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood with the handgun in his hand.

As the story goes, Senior Police Inspector Ngwane apparently shot himself on the head on the night of Sunday 19 October. One of his family brothers told CT that the late Policeman hosted their village meeting in his residence last Sunday wherein he reportedly told one of his kinsmen that if he dies, his vehicles should be sold and the proceeds given to his father. By press time, no one could say exactly what happened to the Police officer who was living alone in his apartment.  However, a family source confirmed to CT that late Ngwane committed suicide.

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A source at the legal department in Buea told CT that the State Counsel ordered for a post mortem autopsy to be carried out. Our source added that bullets were found in his head.  According to a source at the Buea High Court close to the deceased, he called the late Ngwane’s cell phone Monday morning from the office fixed phone to no avail. He narrated how they usually picked him up everybody at Royal Pharmacy junction but on that fateful Monday, they did not meet him there.

While in the office, the source further said, Ngwane’s cab driver came to complain to him that one of his cars was impounded by the Council since he could not reach him on phone. The cab driver then decided to go to his residence where he peeped through the window and discovered his boss lying in his own pool of blood, dead.

Our informant at the High Court also disclosed that the late 3rd Grade Inspector complained lately that he was not feeling healthy and was given a one-week bed rest. His remains are presently at the Buea Regional Hospital mortuary while an investigation continues.

Cameroon Tribune