According to a statement from the British High Commission, the amount is to support the work of the Regional Multinational Joint Task. The United Kingdom has announced £5 million (about FCFA 4.4 billion) of support for the new regional Task Force to tackle Boko Haram. The Multinational Joint Task Force has been mandated by the African Union and a Security Council resolution is currently being negotiated in New York to welcome the force. The UK is working towards the swift adoption of the resolution.

The Task Force consists of contributions from Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Benin, many of whose forces are already operational on the ground and are making significant progress against Boko Haram. The African Union has called on international partners to provide support to enable sustained operation of the force. This donation by the United Kingdom is in response to this request and sends an important message of confidence in the Multinational Task Force to complete the job they have so courageously set out to achieve.

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The UK fully supports the efforts of Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria, Niger and Benin and other regional partners to tackle the scourge of Boko Haram. Important gains are already being made on the ground. The Task Force will continue to play an important role in fighting this terrorist insurgency. It is important that the international community now sends a clear message of support through the swift adoption of a Security Council resolution in New York to welcome the force.

The UK recognises the commitment and bravery of the troops involved and continues to stand strong with Cameroon in tackling this heinous group.

Brian Olley
British High Commissioner to Cameroon