He is presently in custody in the Bamenda Central Prison to face the law. Since Tuesday June 23, 2015, the population of Bamenda is yet to recover from the shock of the news of a man who was arrested for allegedly being the author of his daughter’s pregnancy. Some people are even angry that security forces did not release the suspect to the crowd for mob justice.

The man whose name Cameroon Tribune got simply as Jacob, a vulcanizer or tyre repairer at Cow Street, Bamenda, reportedly impregnated his 16-year-old daughter. The girl (name withheld) explained that after her mother abandoned home some years ago due to unending problems with her father, he suddenly became so good to her. After some time, he forced her to bed. She recounted how it became normal practice for the father to sleep with her until when she became pregnant.

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As the story goes, when the lover-daddy realised that his daughter was pregnant, he gave her FCFA 30,000 to abort. Naively she went to hospital and told the consulting nurse that she wanted an abortion. After serious questioning, she refused to release the name of the author of the pregnancy. She then pretended to go and urinate and took the opportunity to escape to Babanki village to meet her mother who then brought her back to Bamenda. The mother reported the matter to the police who arrested the suspect to face the law.

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