Stanley Enow met this young girl, Montess in Douala during a movie premier. She was so excited to meet him and she was so humble… So he got charmed by her attitude, and she also said her dream was to feature the KING KONG. So he decided to make her dream come true. And today, the video is here : « Dj Play My Song »

In the song she is talking about how she is talking about how the life of a celebrity looks like: Paparasi left and right when the DJ PLAYS YOUR song : You become number one all over the world. Basically she is celebrating success as a singer. KING KONG on his side since he is introducing her to the world of music sings about being confident. As when he comes around all the ladies go wild because they have seen the KING KONG. He talks about the spirit of resistance and confidence in what you do, You don’t really need an entire army to be a winner, Even all alone with faith you can conquer all obstacles.

Just watch it : Here 

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